Design Approach


Barry Wilson knows churches.  He’s dedicated his architectural firm solely to the planning, programming and designing of churches and their related ministries, both small and large.

Having worked with pastors, congregations and building committees throughout the Southeast, Barry understands the unique financial and aesthetic challenged faced by expanding ministries.  His mission is to use his talent and full-spectrum architectural experience – both technical and artistic – to direct each project so that 1) construction is completed within budget; 2) the result reflects and supports the needs of the congregation; and, 3) that the design and beauty of the structure glorify God.

Barry Wilson is your advocate during the design and construction process when churches often work with many firms unfamiliar with ministries.  Church-funded construction projects must be managed wisely and within budget.  A well-planned project is more efficient and economical. 

As your architect, Barry designs energy-efficient buildings, selects appropriate, durable materials and workmanship and develops comprehensive drawings to make the contractor’s job easier – costing you less to build, maintain and operate your ministry.  Barry ensures that budget components are clearly understood from the beginning, and continually develops cost estimates with the church’s contractor for your review.

God has commanded each of us to be good stewards of the resources He has provided.


Every congregation is different and given a unique purpose.  Your ministry isn’t from a stock set of plans; neither should be your church building.

Whether your ministry emphasis is Christian education, caring for the poor, missions, or reaching the unchurched in your community, Barry Wilson designs structures to enhance your work.  By taking stock of your individual mission, projected growth, programs and activities, and by understanding how your church functions today, your building can be both inviting and flexible.

As a small, specialized firm, BARRY WILSON ARCHITECTURE provides each client individual, concentrated service with great attention to detail.  Work isn’t assigned to someone else, or someone without a stake in its outcome.  Your church is not just a building, it’s a facility for ministry, a tool for service, and it’s as important to Barry as it is to you.

The goal of BARRY WILSON ARCHITECTURE is to direct each project so that the construction is completed within the church’s budget; the building fits and supports the needs of the congregation and its ministries and activities; and the design and the beauty of the church bring honor and glory to God and blessing to His people.

“God is not indifferent to beauty.  His creation, His nature, and His Word reveal that truth.  Beauty can reside in simplicity and order.  God has given you a message to proclaim, and your church should reflect these divine statements about you, your mission and your Lord.  Your facilities should be distinctive and set apart, just as you are.  Influencing your community to worship, contemplate, celebrate and serve.  By giving creative attention to those architectural elements so important to churches, my goal is to always design buildings that are attractive, welcoming and especially inspiring.”  — Barry A. Wilson Jr.

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